Face Your Fears … I Faced Mine

I am slightly (as in my knees shake when I stand above five floors) acrophobic.


It’s true.


I didn’t have it when I was young.


In fact, I loved climbing trees when I was a kid.


When I was in high school, whenever seminary classes were cancelled, I would sometimes climb up the church’s roof top via the tower. I would stay there for several minutes until my tummy rumbled for dinner.


But now…


My knees will shake even if I climb over our rooftop, which mind you, is not even more than 15 feet high! Pretty lame, huh? I don’t know why or when I developed such phobia.


So anyway, on the second day of our Boracay adventure, I decided to face my fear when I saw this on our first night.



And I thought, hey if that kid can brave the walls, may be I can.


The next day, when I’m sure there wouldn’t be any people around,  I decided to give it a try.



I haven’t reached halfway when my knees started to shake, my hands got all sweaty, and my heart started to  beat fast. Was my heart beating so fast because I was scared? Or was it because my body was just not used to such strenuous activity anymore? Believe me, it was hard to tell.



I thought I was going to give up mid-way. My legs were starting to tremble, you know. I kept telling myself, one more climb… you’re almost there… you can do it… But the ultimate reason I was able to push forward was … don’t even think of going back down there if you can’t ring that bell, you fat loser. Okay, that was harsh, but what can I say? I needed tough motivation.



But you know what? When I reached past half way, I kind of felt light. It wasn’t that hard anymore. And when I rang the rusty old bell, I felt like screaming from the top of my lungs. Reaching the top felt like I can accomplish anything! Heck, I even felt like I can climb over the roof. The feeling was just awesome!


When it was time to come down, I didn’t want to. Partly because I didn’t know how. So…. anyway, that’s another embarrassing story.


There are two things I’ve learned from the climb:


1. The first half is always the hardest. But when you have adjusted to the challenge, and you get past that part of the obstacle, it will be like smooth sailing (I think)


2.  I now know what Ethan Hunt must’ve felt when he free climbed the Burj Khalifa with a pair of sci-fi stick gloves.




On a different note, that guy wearing maroon shirt is Josh, the hubby. He wasn’t really interested in doing the wall climbing initially. But when he saw that I reached the top, his competitive spirit just spiked high. Perhaps he couldn’t take that his scaredy-cat, slightly acrophobic wife was able to ring the bell? Maybe…


He was also able to climb it faster than I did, though. He said it was because he was able to plan his route while he was watching me. Cheat.


So yeah, it was a pleasure facing my fear. If given the chance, I would do it again.


(The hubby doesn’t approve that message.)

Boracay Day 1

As promised, here are some pictures of our holiday to Boracay Island.
Landing at Kalibo, Aklan, we travelled by van for around 2 hours to reach Caticlan town proper. From there, we road an outrigger boat to take us to the island.
Since it was already late in the afternoon when we got there, we just strolled D*Mall. It’s a small open-air mall strip by the beach.
D Mall Boracay
Boracay SunsetThe most beautiful sunset (or dusk?) I have ever seen.
dsc01431-bemo me.


dsc01433My cool parents-in-law.


dsc01434The sunset is calling for our photos to be taken.


dsc01435That’s Jael, Josh’s fun loving sister.
dsc01436And this is Jet. Josh’s huggable youngest sibling.



My happy feet. (ew!)


dsc01444He just looks so lonely sitting there all by himself, so I took a picture of him. And yes, he’s a HE. We had a little chat, you know.


dsc01452That’s Vaughn. Our friend whom we met in Cebu  and who is now a certified Boracay island boy.



And that’s pretty much what we did on our first night in this touristy island. Pretty boring, huh? Well, what can you expect from a group who just drained their energies from the long travel? Good thing they have McDonald’s.
There’s still more coming and hopefully with a better blog to go with it. Pardon my laziness, I’m just too burned out tonight to think of anything silly to go about with the pictures. 
Hope you have a good Thursday and Friday. It’s almost payday! (tehehe)

Happy and Sad

This is what it looks like when you’re on your way to some serious beach holiday:
happy couple on an airplaneKeeping it cool so as not to jinx it.
This is what it looks like when that beach holiday is over.
sad couple on an airplaneSo sad and tired. (boohoo)

Yes, we just got back from our summer vacation.
Yes, I couldn’t stop thinking about since I wrote about it here.
Yes, I’m gonna blog about our trip.
Yes, the holiday was so worth the energy.
Yes, we’re tired but only because of the traveling.

Will we fly back to Boracay for a part 2?


I’ll write about our adventures soon. In the mean time, watch some videos about fly fish in Boracay. ^_^


In Five Days’ Time …


I will be able to bask in its sunshine, goodness, and glory.


I can’t wait to fly to Boracay.

It’s going to be Josh’s and I’s first time to go to this touristy island, and we can’t wait to go.
In fact, I’m already doing some pre-packing (tehehehe).

Oh, I just hope we won’t get sick or anything (it usually happens when we’re super excited).
So I’m crossing my fingers really tight so that I won’t jinx it.

Have a great weekend, folks!

Happy 1st Year!

Today, I’m so happy …


I could cry.


Because today marks the day I turned one year in my job.

What… what’s that I hear? So what if I’m year into my job? Big deal.
Well, for those who know me, this is my second employment to have reached one year. The first one was way back 2005, wherein I quit because I was called to serve a mission.


Since then, I had been in between jobs.
Don’t get me wrong, however. I don’t have poor working ethics. It just so happens I was either overworked but underpaid or the management sucks (don’t worry, I’ve no plans to turn this into a dissing post).


For a brief employment history, I was a call center agent twice; an English language specialist, a medical and general transcriptionist. Oh, would you believe that I also worked as a full-time nanny before? Well, that was a brief stunt. I realized then that if I stay, I won’t be able to find a boyfriend (hey, I was 20, a fresh grad, and desperate for a love life).


So anyway, fast forward to today, I found I job that I really love. Writing. Yep, who would’ve thought that writing on my journals since I was eight would turn into a means of living.


Well, I’m really grateful for this job. I never thought I would last stay this long, let alone plan on staying longer.
However, what I’m really thankful for is that Heavenly Father has led me into applying for the post.
Back then, I had no plans of applying for the company, thinking that it was far from home. But certain events happened and made me open my mind for the possibility. And little did I know, I got in. So happy!


Basically, I’m a writer for a leading internet marketing firm in the UK, and probably the largest in Cebu City.

What I like about my company are:
1. Free lunch and free snacks (who doesn’t love that?).
2. Free rolls of tissue, free vitamins, and free hot chocolate.
3. Long Christmas vacation and bank holiday breaks.
4. Quarterly company outings and frequent team building activities.
5. Great HMO package on top of Philhealth (in the Philippines, that’s a big deal).
6. Free movie tickets monthly.
7. Micro bonus and performance incentives.
8. The coolest managers EVER!
9. I get to write topics about Harry Potter and some HBO shows.
10. Fun- and food-loving people (birthdays are always the best!)

The only thing I don’t like is …
… the uniforms. But hey, with those pluses, I willed myself to turn a blind eye from it.

So anyway, it’s cause for a celebration for me. Toooo bad I wasn’t able to take pictures of the sundaes hubby bought for me. It was such a sweet treat!

That’s about it! Happy reading y’all!
Good night!

A Dessert Recipe Post: Warm Brownie Cup

 Close-up of warm brownie cup
Hi guys, I’ve been receiving text messages from friends asking me to post the recipe of the dessert  hubby and I made on my day off. So here goes.


In a microwave-safe cup, pour in:


2 T (tablespoon) all-purpose flour
1 T unsweetened cocoa powder
2 T sugar
1 T oil
1 T water


Next, stir the ingredients until the texture becomes slightly creamy.
Then, microwave it. We did ours for two minutes, and the texture was just right.


Once done, top it one scoop (or more) of vanilla ice cream (or any flavor you like), and voila!
You got yourself a delicious warm brownie cup. It’s that simple!
On a side note, you may also top the ice cream with chocolate syrup and sprinkles.

Good Morning, Sunshine!


Today, I decided to get my lazy bum out of bed and to do something I usually dread doing early in the morning … exercise! Yep, that’s right! I’m lazy, and I’m getting fat.
So, today is a start of making myself fitter (hopefully) by heading to the IT Park to bike. It’s not much, I guess. But it’s better than jogging, for me. I just hope I’ll be consistent on this. Wish me luck!
Also, the picture above is what greeted me when I got there. Mornings are beautiful.
Have a nice day!

Day Off. Warm Brownie Cup.

Today is my day off. So yeah! And since it’s all hot and humid here, we decided to make dessert.
When JJ and I want some sweets, there’s usually one place we go. La Marea.
It’s a pastry shop here that sells our yummiest favorite: warm choco brownie cup topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and sprinkles.
But since we’re trying to save for a big investment we’re making, we decided to make our own. And here’s how it went.
Close-up of warm brownie cup
We don’t have choco syrup and the sprinkles, but the taste was perfect. We absolutely love it!
Rest day. Warm brownie cup. Such a happy day. Plus, a favorite artist tweeted me back! Although it was just a ‘Thanks, Dara!” message, but it’s enough to make my day. Weee!
How about you? I hope you had a great day!