Happy 1st Year!

Today, I’m so happy …


I could cry.


Because today marks the day I turned one year in my job.

What… what’s that I hear? So what if I’m year into my job? Big deal.
Well, for those who know me, this is my second employment to have reached one year. The first one was way back 2005, wherein I quit because I was called to serve a mission.


Since then, I had been in between jobs.
Don’t get me wrong, however. I don’t have poor working ethics. It just so happens I was either overworked but underpaid or the management sucks (don’t worry, I’ve no plans to turn this into a dissing post).


For a brief employment history, I was a call center agent twice; an English language specialist, a medical and general transcriptionist. Oh, would you believe that I also worked as a full-time nanny before? Well, that was a brief stunt. I realized then that if I stay, I won’t be able to find a boyfriend (hey, I was 20, a fresh grad, and desperate for a love life).


So anyway, fast forward to today, I found I job that I really love. Writing. Yep, who would’ve thought that writing on my journals since I was eight would turn into a means of living.


Well, I’m really grateful for this job. I never thought I would last stay this long, let alone plan on staying longer.
However, what I’m really thankful for is that Heavenly Father has led me into applying for the post.
Back then, I had no plans of applying for the company, thinking that it was far from home. But certain events happened and made me open my mind for the possibility. And little did I know, I got in. So happy!


Basically, I’m a writer for a leading internet marketing firm in the UK, and probably the largest in Cebu City.

What I like about my company are:
1. Free lunch and free snacks (who doesn’t love that?).
2. Free rolls of tissue, free vitamins, and free hot chocolate.
3. Long Christmas vacation and bank holiday breaks.
4. Quarterly company outings and frequent team building activities.
5. Great HMO package on top of Philhealth (in the Philippines, that’s a big deal).
6. Free movie tickets monthly.
7. Micro bonus and performance incentives.
8. The coolest managers EVER!
9. I get to write topics about Harry Potter and some HBO shows.
10. Fun- and food-loving people (birthdays are always the best!)

The only thing I don’t like is …
… the uniforms. But hey, with those pluses, I willed myself to turn a blind eye from it.

So anyway, it’s cause for a celebration for me. Toooo bad I wasn’t able to take pictures of the sundaes hubby bought for me. It was such a sweet treat!

That’s about it! Happy reading y’all!
Good night!

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