Boracay Day 1

As promised, here are some pictures of our holiday to Boracay Island.
Landing at Kalibo, Aklan, we travelled by van for around 2 hours to reach Caticlan town proper. From there, we road an outrigger boat to take us to the island.
Since it was already late in the afternoon when we got there, we just strolled D*Mall. It’s a small open-air mall strip by the beach.
D Mall Boracay
Boracay SunsetThe most beautiful sunset (or dusk?) I have ever seen.
dsc01431-bemo me.


dsc01433My cool parents-in-law.


dsc01434The sunset is calling for our photos to be taken.


dsc01435That’s Jael, Josh’s fun loving sister.
dsc01436And this is Jet. Josh’s huggable youngest sibling.



My happy feet. (ew!)


dsc01444He just looks so lonely sitting there all by himself, so I took a picture of him. And yes, he’s a HE. We had a little chat, you know.


dsc01452That’s Vaughn. Our friend whom we met in Cebu  and who is now a certified Boracay island boy.



And that’s pretty much what we did on our first night in this touristy island. Pretty boring, huh? Well, what can you expect from a group who just drained their energies from the long travel? Good thing they have McDonald’s.
There’s still more coming and hopefully with a better blog to go with it. Pardon my laziness, I’m just too burned out tonight to think of anything silly to go about with the pictures. 
Hope you have a good Thursday and Friday. It’s almost payday! (tehehe)

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