Random Photos for a Random Mind (Boracay Day 2)

My mind is in total shambles right now. Maybe because in four hours’ time, the weekend is over? So I thought I’ll just post some random photos from our trip in Boracay.


This were taken during one of our musings in the island. I love it that the sand is so fine, like milk  powder, that they can make big sand castles like that photo with the hubby.
and this:
excuse my phone camera.


Apart from swimming, we also did other fun activities like this buggy and ATV ride up to the mountain. It was really fun. Although my thumb really hurt for pressing the accelerator, the ride was worth it.


We also did fly fish, but I wasn’t able to capture it on camera. The fly fish was the best. We had total fun screaming and laughing. Josh and Jael fell off the water while riding the inflatable thingy. I wasn’t thrown off because I was sitting in the middle. So what I did was just jumped off to get the feel of it. It turns out, it wasn’t fun than being really thrown off.


Oh yeah, if you’re interested to know how much we paid for it, in case you visit the island, we only paid Php 750 per person. That includes the ATV or buggy ride plus the fly fish. We haggled, of course! We had an accountant with us so…you know, she sweet talked the tour guide.


So that pretty much sums up our three days two nights holiday in Boracay. Oh, if you’re planning to go on a holiday there and you’re looking for less expensive but comfortable accommodation, let me know. I can give you the number of the lodge’s owner to book.

Oh, weekend. You are so near, yet so far.

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