The Reason I’m Giving Away a Bag

Last night, on a jeep ride home, my phone got stolen by a pickpocket
I’m so sad and so mad last night (I still do) that I wasn’t able to sleep well. I just watched two episodes of Game of Thrones the whole night, instead. It made me feel better, somehow.


But still I can’t forget that thief outsmarted me. At my weakest and lowest moment. Remember this post? Yep, I’m still feeling it right now.
This has never happened to me before. That’s why I’m so mad at myself for letting my guard down.
I’m so not like that, letting my defenses down, you know.


I’ve roamed the streets of downtown Colon and Carbon Market all by myself and not one instance was I ever mugged or robbed (knock on wood), But on a jeep. On my way home.
 My whole life was in that phone. Urgh, If could curse a person, I would.


Lesson learned. I should’ve listened to my instinct when it told me to install a phone tracking or an anti-theft phone app. If I could go back in time, I would install it. And I don’t care how much I have to pay for it.
But it’s all to late now.


The only good thing that happened to me last night was I was quick enough to think of changing all my passwords and disabling my mobile access, missing dinner and all.
Oh, and my iPod and wallet are safe. So that makes two good things that happened to me last night.


And because of what happened to me last night, I’m giving away this pre-loved bag:





I got this for Christmas two years ago, and I only use it when it’s raining, so it’s still in good condition.


Please don’t think that this is an unlucky bag because it’s not.
I’m just giving this away because I don’t want to be reminded of what happened last night, and the fact that I was outsmarted by the pickpocket. So there.


If want this bag, contact me or comment below.
The giveaway is not sponsored or anything.

If someone texts you using my number, pretend it’s me and ask for the my  whereabouts. 
You already know why.

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