The First Man I’ve Ever Loved

I’d like you to meet the first man I’ve ever  loved.
Dionisio, Jr.
Do you know why I love him?
Because he’s cool and always love a good laugh.
When we’re we little, we’d gather around in our living room and tell funny stories. Mostly, about his boyhood and the pranks they did with his buddies. Until now, I can’t forget the story how they punked the priests in his school into thinking there’s another Japanese invasion.
Because he’s the best guitar player I’ve ever known.
He’s been playing the guitar ever since I can remember.
Whenever he hears a song that has great guitar riffs, or just plain good to play, he’d listen to it all over again for a week or less and he’ll ear play it on his Yamaha guitar.
He used to play at bars when he was still single.
You know why he taught himself to play the guitar? Because it was a good excuse to get away from the bad influences in his old home.
Do you see the black and white picture on top? That’s him with Auntie Edith and their group performing for Channel 9, back when there weren’t a lot of shows on TV.
Because he’s one of the few best tenor singers I’ve ever met.
He’s the strongest and most reliable tenor singer in the choir. In fact, his voice is worth five tenor singers. And he can sing bass, too!
If he can’t sing anymore, that’ll probably be the day I’ll stop directing church choirs.
Even if his gig days are over, he still sings, especially on special occasions.
Because he’s the most influential person my life.
He’s the one who discouraged and encouraged me to serve a mission.
In fact, he’s the one who helped me turn my life around.
When I was a teenager, I was turning into a rebel. One day, he told me, “I’m disappointed at you.”
Those words got into me and decided to make some changes.
Because he’s a loving, caring, wonderful man.
He tries his best to take care of us, provide for us, serve us, and stay strong for us. Although he doesn’t show it, we can feel that he does love his family. Plus, he’s not afraid to show us some tough love.
Because he loves the Lord very much.
He tries to magnify all of his callings, and it never tires him. From high councilman to a stake councilor, from ward Sunday School president to High Priest group leader, and from sealer to patriarch, he always try to magnify all of them. My bet is as long as he can, he’ll continue to serve the Lord.
And I love him because he is.
Pa, I love you forever.
Father's Day

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