Catching Up

It feels as if it’s a long time since I last blogged. There’s a very good reason for that.
You see, I’ve been very busy. Very busy catching up with hubby.


We had a huge fight this past few days. And we when there’s a conflict between, it’s like cold war between us. No talking. No texting. Nothing. Which also means there’s nothing to write about.


Now that we’ve patched things up, we’re back to our perky, cheerful, and playful selves. And that’s why I’ve been busy. We’ve been going out and hanging out with each other just to catch up with those lost days that we ignored each other.


Lesson learned. If you have any conflicts or disagreements with your partner, try and fix it as soon as you can. Don’t let the days pass by without trying to fix it because those are days wasted. With those days, you could’ve created happy memories together. You could’ve spent those days being with the one you love. Get my point?


So anyway, that’ it.


Oh, this week is our wedding anniversary week. I was planning to post something special for hubby to read but because of what happened, I wasn’t able to. But I’ll write something about it sooner. Would you let me?


Well, I have to go. It’s Saturday night and it’s movie night for JJ and I. See ya on my next post.



Don’t you find this to be so true?





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