A Post About Porn (nothing dirty, trust me)

One of the things I like about my job was the stories and information I get from scouring the world wide web. I come upon lots of blogs and sites that have funny, inspiring, and sometimes awfully horrible content. Some times, they’re also helpful and educational, like what I’m about to share to you.


Yesterday at work, I happen to stumble upon this article. My colleague actually shared this to me and I couldn’t resist not reading it.


The article talks about the evil of online porn and how it’s stealing the innocence of our children. I’m not going to talk about what’s inside the story because you can just read it yourself. So anyway, it got me thinking that this ex-magazine editors got some points. And I definitely agree that porn is ruining the minds of our young generation. Of course, it’s not just them who are being torn by this vile movie industry but also relationships.


When I read the article, I was really shocked to learn that kids as young as 12 years old are already familiar with a lot of sexual jargon. I mean if they know such things then they’ve probably watched it somewhere. You just can’t remember a word or something unless you’ve seen them being used, can you? I was really shocked because when I was at that age, I spend most of my free time playing Barbie dolls or watching animated cartoons. Not porn or anything for that matter.


Today, I’d hear some kids and teenagers talk about porn like it was a normal topic to talk about. I was surprised when my sister-in-law, Love, told me about what her oldest son asked her after school. He asked what’s a ‘vagina’ because he didn’t know and because a lot of his classmates kept saying the word all the time and laugh like it was some big joke. Good thing Henry got his answer from the right source, his mom.


When I was young, we’d talk about what game to play next or the latest Sailor Moon episode. Sometimes we’d talk about crushes, but nothing sexual. The latter was a topic that we left to the adults to talk about, if you know what I mean.


Back in my student days, I’ve met some people my age who made watching porn a favorite past time, and most of them could never hold a normal conversation without going back to the topic of porn sex. It was just really uncomfortable. Good thing I have my own set of good friends to hang out with.


Of course, not every kid is a porn addict, but it’s nice to be aware of what’s going on in children’s lives. I’m not a parent so I don’t know anything about rearing children. But I have two nephews and one niece whom I really care. I trust their parents who are raising them, but I don’t trust evil influences that surrounds them, especially the internet. Now that the two boys are learning how to use the computer and the internet, I worry that they might click or see something they’re not supposed, especially when they access online game sites and Facebook.


I know I don’t have the moral authority to tell parents what they should and should not do, but I really do hope that we, all grownups, will have the gumption to protect the young from the pernicious evil of porn. It just robs them of their innocence.


I’m just grateful that we’re being taught the value of virtue and being chaste at church. It has given me a clear understanding between what’s good and bad in relation to sexual intimacy. That the power of procreation is sacred and should only be done by two legally wedded husband and wife. Now that I’m married, I totally get why it’s sacred.



Anyway, let’s help preserve the innocence of the young minds. Protect them from the subtle evil of pornography. Let’s help them become positive contributors to society by making sure that they’re spiritual, mental, and emotional development are not hindered because of porn — and other acts of evil.



God’s Plan for Us


I watched this video so that I can remember the Plan of Happiness that God made for us. I just thought that with what’s going on our family, a pick-me-up would. And what better way to be uplifted than to watch something that will remind me of our purpose here on earth.

Somehow this video has strengthened me. I hope that you will too.

Good night.

DIY: How to Make a Bean Bag

Remember what I said from my last post? When I said I’m going to make some changes in my blog? Well, this DIY post will be the first of them. I love arts and crafts and I enjoy making do-it-yourself projects so I thought I’d share my creations with you. I’m not an expert on anything, but I hope that you’ll learn something from them.

I plan to do this regularly, like once a week. However, I hope that work and other chores will not get in the way from my crafting something. So anyway, let’s begin, shall we?

Since we’ve moved back to Cebu City from Palawan, Josh and I are living in a granny flat right next to my parent’s house. Yes, technically, we live with my family. And since Josh is still studying (but he’ll graduate this October. So, yey!), and we’re saving for a new flat which we’ll move in after the down payment has been fully paid, we’ll have to live here for a while.

Our room is so small that we don’t have enough space for chairs to sit on. So, one Sunday while at our ward clerk’s office, we happen to see a bag of shredded paper. Josh sat on it and found it to be comfortable. That’s when the light bulb flicked on. We decided to make a bean bag out of it so we can have something to sit on in our room. Of course, we waited for several months before fresh batches of bags of shredded paper  were delivered before we can make a bean bag. Well, that time has finally come and we did it. We made the bean bag.


Here’s how we did it:

1. Make a pattern for the shape of the bean bag. Ours is round in shape because we’re practically amateurs when it comes to sewing. We used Crafty Gemini’s child-sized bean bag pattern for the reason that it was easier than the others we found on the internet. Maybe when we amp our skills to the next level, we’ll make a burger-shaped bean bag. But I digress.

2. We traced the pattern on to a fabric. You can choose any fabric you like. We got ours from my mom’s collection. By the way, the pattern is just half the size of its shape so you’ll need to fold the cloth half its length and then fold side ways before tracing the pattern. Make 12 pieces of them because you’ll need six for the inner bag (for the filling) and six for the outer covering.

3. Once they are all cut, sew them up, starting with the inner bag. Sew each fabric together but leave a small opening in the last cloth because that’s where you’ll put the fillings in.

4. It’s time to fill it up. This part is the tricky one because we had to manually scoop the paper into interior bag using a plastic container. So if you’re smart enough, don’t do it unless you have all the time in the world and if you have help to do it. We were wiser with the second bean bag.

We put a hole on the container we used and filled the bag that way.
5. In closing the inner bag, you can either sew it permanently or sew buttons on the opening so you can re-open and re-fill the bag. Josh sewed our bag shut with his own hands. I don’t know why but he did it anyway.

6. Sew the outer bag together. Similar to #3, leave an opening in the last two fabric. This is where you will sew in the buttons or a cloth magic tape. We used the latter as it’s the only one we can find in mom’s sewing kit. Sew each magic tape’s piece on each end of the cloth for closure.

7. Place the filled interior bag into the bag, and viola! You’re done. We finished the first bean bag in a couple of hours but the second one was a breeze.


1st bean bag
2nd bean bag


Out of four large bags of shredded paper, we were able to make two bean bags. The other one is smaller because we’re giving it to Clara, a cute friend, who happens to be ten or something. It’s our two-month-late birthday gift for her. ^_^

And that’s how you make a bean bag. Hope you’ll enjoy it. If you have any questions, just leave a comment below.

Got to go.

Happy Sabbath, Everyone!!!

*Photos were taken using my Android phone. 

Going Banana over Bananas

 One look at this image and I can think of a lot of ways on what to do with it.



I can:

1. Make banana split
2. Make sweetened cooked banana.
3. Cook banana-que (deep fried banana with brown sugar.)
4. Make  Halo-Halo (Ahh.. just typing the name makes me want to go out for desserts.)
5. Whip some banana shake.
6. Make banana con yelo (or banana with crushed ice and milk).
7. Make vegetable root crop porridge with coconut cream aka Binignit.
8. Grilled the unripe banana.
9. Eat the ripe ones raw.
10. Cook the bananas and pair them with anchovies (yum).

Oh, the many possibilities of having a bunch of bananas. But for now, we’ll just keep them in the pantry and, maybe, wait till tomorrow to think of how we’ll eat them. 

In case you’re wondering, we got them from a trade. You see, a middle-aged guy knocked on our gate this morning asking to trade his bananas for some old clothes. I, jumping at the opportunity to clear out some unsold stuff from the garage sale, said sure!
 I took him to the room where the clothes were stored and told him to choose whatever he likes. 
Well, in exchange for several bunches of bananas, he was able to bring 3 large bags containing shirts, jackets, unused socks, pants and bags — all were in good condition, mind you. Plus, dad gave him 1 pair of pants as a bonus since he needed shorts. 

 He said he came from the mountains of Toledo City and came down to the city to trade his crops for some clothes, and I dare say it was worth the one-hour-or-so trip to the city. I can see from the look in his face that he was really glad he came. I, on the other hand, felt really good to help him and his family in some way. It was also my first time to experience something like that because I didn’t know that you can still trade something like it. Well, I guess he made the right move because if he sold his bananas, I don’t think he can earn enough money to buy all those stuff he got. 

It was a win-win situation, indeed. He got what he came down for and we have bananas! 

Have a blessed Sunday!
Tomorrow is a holiday, so yeah!!!!

It Was a Success!!!


Another week has gone bye and I’m glad that it ended with success … and ker-ching!
Remember the yard sale post from last week?

Well, we officially opened it yesterday and it ended our day with a bang.
In just a couple of hours or so we were able to earn a 4-digit sale! Imagine that! FOUR DIGITS! That’s like a thousand more than what we had expected, thinking that because a lot of people haggled, we won’t be able to reach a thousand and more, but we did!!! Oh yeah!! *moon walk and boogie dance*

With the sales we had, we’ll be able to renovate a room and have it rented out in no time. Whoopee! Now, I just have to get my brother to make a quotation for the renovation and start the project ASAP.

I wasn’t able to take some pictures during the event because I was too busy doing sales talk and negotiating with hagglers. Plus, I don’t think the customers would want to have their pictures taken while looking at clothes, wouldn’t you agree?

Of course, I would like to thank everyone who supported me in this project. Customers wouldn’t come flocking in our doorstep if it weren’t for you. Special mention to Judith Pua for announcing the yard sale in their ward Relief Society class. To Ate Jo for coming over and for inspiring me on a new fashion style (you know what I mean. wink.) To Nitz for being the best (or worse?) haggler I’ve ever met. Hahaha! Seriously, you’ve thought me a skill I know I’ll be able to use someday. To Jolor Esparas for taking along your ‘komadres’. To Sis. Herley for coming over too. And big a THANK YOU to my neighbors! You’re the best, guys. It was my first big project and I’d never thought we’d earn that much. To the rest I failed to mention (you know who you are) THANK YOU!

Also, thanks to my hubby, Josh, for supporting me, for helping me clean the yard sale venue and for donating your slightly used stuff. To Aaron, my brother, for letting me sell his branded shoes. To Dean for allowing me to sell your clothes.

Oh FYI, if you think that the stuff I sold were all used, well, they’re not. Some were really brand new with price tags! Lucky for those who were able to buy them. So anyway, thanks guys! We really appreciate it.

There are still some items left, so I’m planning to host another yard sale soon. They’re will be more items added since my brother, Dan, wants to sell some of his old stuff, including a baby crib.

I’ll keep you posted!