It Was a Success!!!


Another week has gone bye and I’m glad that it ended with success … and ker-ching!
Remember the yard sale post from last week?

Well, we officially opened it yesterday and it ended our day with a bang.
In just a couple of hours or so we were able to earn a 4-digit sale! Imagine that! FOUR DIGITS! That’s like a thousand more than what we had expected, thinking that because a lot of people haggled, we won’t be able to reach a thousand and more, but we did!!! Oh yeah!! *moon walk and boogie dance*

With the sales we had, we’ll be able to renovate a room and have it rented out in no time. Whoopee! Now, I just have to get my brother to make a quotation for the renovation and start the project ASAP.

I wasn’t able to take some pictures during the event because I was too busy doing sales talk and negotiating with hagglers. Plus, I don’t think the customers would want to have their pictures taken while looking at clothes, wouldn’t you agree?

Of course, I would like to thank everyone who supported me in this project. Customers wouldn’t come flocking in our doorstep if it weren’t for you. Special mention to Judith Pua for announcing the yard sale in their ward Relief Society class. To Ate Jo for coming over and for inspiring me on a new fashion style (you know what I mean. wink.) To Nitz for being the best (or worse?) haggler I’ve ever met. Hahaha! Seriously, you’ve thought me a skill I know I’ll be able to use someday. To Jolor Esparas for taking along your ‘komadres’. To Sis. Herley for coming over too. And big a THANK YOU to my neighbors! You’re the best, guys. It was my first big project and I’d never thought we’d earn that much. To the rest I failed to mention (you know who you are) THANK YOU!

Also, thanks to my hubby, Josh, for supporting me, for helping me clean the yard sale venue and for donating your slightly used stuff. To Aaron, my brother, for letting me sell his branded shoes. To Dean for allowing me to sell your clothes.

Oh FYI, if you think that the stuff I sold were all used, well, they’re not. Some were really brand new with price tags! Lucky for those who were able to buy them. So anyway, thanks guys! We really appreciate it.

There are still some items left, so I’m planning to host another yard sale soon. They’re will be more items added since my brother, Dan, wants to sell some of his old stuff, including a baby crib.

I’ll keep you posted!


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