Going Banana over Bananas

 One look at this image and I can think of a lot of ways on what to do with it.



I can:

1. Make banana split
2. Make sweetened cooked banana.
3. Cook banana-que (deep fried banana with brown sugar.)
4. Make  Halo-Halo (Ahh.. just typing the name makes me want to go out for desserts.)
5. Whip some banana shake.
6. Make banana con yelo (or banana with crushed ice and milk).
7. Make vegetable root crop porridge with coconut cream aka Binignit.
8. Grilled the unripe banana.
9. Eat the ripe ones raw.
10. Cook the bananas and pair them with anchovies (yum).

Oh, the many possibilities of having a bunch of bananas. But for now, we’ll just keep them in the pantry and, maybe, wait till tomorrow to think of how we’ll eat them. 

In case you’re wondering, we got them from a trade. You see, a middle-aged guy knocked on our gate this morning asking to trade his bananas for some old clothes. I, jumping at the opportunity to clear out some unsold stuff from the garage sale, said sure!
 I took him to the room where the clothes were stored and told him to choose whatever he likes. 
Well, in exchange for several bunches of bananas, he was able to bring 3 large bags containing shirts, jackets, unused socks, pants and bags — all were in good condition, mind you. Plus, dad gave him 1 pair of pants as a bonus since he needed shorts. 

 He said he came from the mountains of Toledo City and came down to the city to trade his crops for some clothes, and I dare say it was worth the one-hour-or-so trip to the city. I can see from the look in his face that he was really glad he came. I, on the other hand, felt really good to help him and his family in some way. It was also my first time to experience something like that because I didn’t know that you can still trade something like it. Well, I guess he made the right move because if he sold his bananas, I don’t think he can earn enough money to buy all those stuff he got. 

It was a win-win situation, indeed. He got what he came down for and we have bananas! 

Have a blessed Sunday!
Tomorrow is a holiday, so yeah!!!!


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