The Genius In All of Us


Thanks Mr. Einstein.

You really made my day.
Thanks for believing that there’s not such thing as dumb people.
Only people who are smart enough to be dumb to judge other people.


Thank you for motivating me to do great at what I do.
Because I sometimes feel dumb whenever I make mistakes and get reprimanded.
But because of what you said, I don’t need to sulk for days.
I just tell myself that I’m a genius and I try my best to do better next time.


If you feel dumb because of what you did or of what someone said to you,
don’t feel down.
Just remember what the greatest genius of all time said,
“Everybody is a genius.”


Best of all, remember that someone loves you.
That someone is up there looking over you.
Just trust in Him, and you’ll be okay.



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