It’s October and I’m happy.
Do you know why?


It’s because October …


… is the month hubs may graduate (‘may’ because I’m still crossing my fingers and praying that he won’t flunk his one last subject).
… is the month of my nephew’s birthday.
… is the month leading to All Soul’s and All Saint’s days (I hope we’ll have a holiday on those events)
… is the month of my father-in-law’s birthday (maybe hubs will treat me to dinner on that day. Lol).
… is the month where Christmas is just within eyesight now.


and lastly,


… is the month before my birthday month (I wonder what gift hubs will give to me?)
I really hope it’s one from of my wishlist:


Canon 600D



Acer silver laptop



But then, he’s still as student and we both have other things to spend our money to so, I guess, I’ll put them where they are for now, in my wishlist.


Have a great “pineapple” day!


 Update 10/10/15: Wishlist no.2 came true. But hubs didn’t buy me one. I was blessed enough to find a job that lets me afford to buy me one. 🙂


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