Date Night: Casa Verde

I love date nights!

I’m sure you do too. When we got married, Josh and I made a promise that, despite our busy lives, we’d still go out on a date each week.

Normally, we’d eat out at either at a fast food restaurant, like KFC, Jollibee, McDonald’s or at our favourite Korean restaurant, Kkachibun. These are the usual because these are what we could afford out of our weekly budget. We’ll last weekend, Josh asked me, “What do you want to eat?”

That question got me really thinking because he’d normally say, “I want to eat cheese burger.” Or “I’m craving bibimbap.” That’s usually the case when he’s on a budget.

But that night was surprising. Money is usually tight after the Yuletide festivities so him asking me to choose what I want to eat was definitely a shocker. of course, like any food lover, I took advantage of the opportunity. Hehehe… I told him, “Let’s try that big burger at Casa Verde.” Without any second thoughts he said okay.


My starts must be aligned because hubs isn’t always like that. Mostly, he’d ask for the prices first before he’d give his ‘go.’ So that night we just went straight to the restaurant. No buts. No what if’s.


Casa Verde is a well-known restaurant here in Cebu because of it’s great service and sumptuous meals. I’ve always wanted to eat there because lots of people I know are raving about it. I was close to dining there once, but that was when I had to be with my family. Then, there was also a time when we wanted to eat there but the place was already packed. On a side note by the way, if you want to dine there, it’s best you go there early because their restaurants are always full. We got lucky that night because there was one vacant table. A cozy one at a tiny corner of the restaurant.

The restaurant is famous for their baby back ribs, but we chose to have their nine-inch Big Bang Burger and watermelon salad.


So how was our–or rather, my experience? Well, not bad. Not bad, you say? It’s because I wasn’t particularly impressed with the burger. Sure, it filled our hungry stomachs, but its taste wasn’t really fully satiating. I was a little disappointed because I was expecting something extraordinarily delicious, like the hamburger we ate at a hotel in Puerto Princesa City.

As for the Salad, well, I dare say it was something. I liked the taste because it was mildly sweet, and the greens and fruits were fresh.

So would I order it again? I would. I’m not sure about the burger, though. And will I go back there? Yes, I’d definitely dine there again and try the baby back ribs. But it won’t be any time soon.

By the way, the ambiance is nice. It can pass for a casual romantic date. The price won’t break the bank, too. As a matter of fact, the price ranges from around Php 150.00 to Php 1,000.00.


I’m not a food connoisseur so don’t take my word for it. Besides, this post isn’t a review for Casa Verde. Nevertheless, if you haven’t dine there yet, check out the restaurant. For more details, you can log on to

And that’s about it. That’s what we usually do on our date nights. How about you? What do you  usually do with your lovey-dovey? Care to share?


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