A Two-Year-Old Treasure

So, I just got to share these.

I was cleaning and organising my music files in the computer when I stumbled upon a video that I forgot to share on Facebook a couple of years ago or so. It’s a dance presentation performed by some of the Relief Society sisters in our ward, including me, unofficially called the Apas Saints Cheer Squad.

Yup, you guessed it. The presentation was for our ward priesthood quorum basketball league opening night. Enough said. Just watch this video.

I thought I’d post this video because I’m pretty sure my fellow sisters would want to watch this. It wasn’t a world class performance, but we all had fun. Right, sisters? Plus, it’s one of the few videos that I get to hear mom’s voice again. She was our biggest fan.

Of course, a video won’t be complete without pictures. I know it’s a bit late, but maybe the Apas Saints would want to see this pictures. Enjoy guys!


The sports commissioner and the team muse.



Birds of the Same Feathers Are Birds

“Birds of the same feather flock together.”

I think that’s how I would describe my friendship with Ate Jo, Marjorie, Janice and Reasol. We flock together whenever we come up with something crazy to do. I guest that’s what bonded us together all these years. In fact, we’ve been friends ever since I can remember. Of course, now that we’re married and all, we rarely hang out. Only Ate Jo, Marjorie and I get to see each other often because we go to the same church ward, so it’s easy for us to talk about, you know, what to do next and all.


On this particular week, all three of us were hungry, most especially me. They were up for something new to eat so I took them to this French bakery called La Vie Parisienne beside the LDS temple complex. They haven’t been there yet, and I was really craving their soft, crumbly croissants. At first, I think they find the place intimidating. I did too. But on my second time, I know that it’s really not.


As soon as we walked in, the scent of warm, freshly baked bread and croissant greeted us, making my tummy rumble even more. A French guy, I think in his 50s, welcomed us and handed us a basket with a big smile on his face. Knowing that the place is packed, we didn’t waste anytime and chose what we wanted so we could get a table quickly.


For someone who’s not familiar with the place, some would think that it’s a fancy French pastry shop with over-the-top prices. But as you can see, it’s not really that expensive. I must say that it’s kind of pricey for a piece of bread, thought. But once you taste them, it’s really worth it.


 We bought croissants in three different flavors, plain, cranberry and almonds. The latter is a must-try!

Because the wine cellar was already full, we just sat outside. I thought it was going to be really hot and humid out there, but I was dead wrong. The garden was cool and the ambiance is really nice. Posh, even. I think it would be more romantic at night.


Beside the bakery is the The Pink House Restaurant. They mainly serve French cuisine. So if you’re dying to try their famous escargot (a fancy name for snail), that is the place to go. Josh and I haven’t dined there yet, but we’re planning too. Hopefully, some time soon. If you can’t find it, I’m sure this guide will be a big help.



On a different note, I got a new calling. I’ll be teaching at our ward Relief Society class. It’s been a long time since I last taught, so I better start digging my already buried teachings skills. Lol! It makes me nervous thinking about the women I’ll be teaching. I know most of them since my teen years, but still, it’s kind of nerve-wrecking. Most of them have more life experiences than I do and are probably more versed in the scriptures than I am. Heck! They’re doctrinal knowledge is probably more expensive than mine. Ugh! What in the world was I thinking when I accepted the call? Oh well, since I’m already set apart, I just have to see this through. Maybe this will help me overcome my stage fright. haha!


Have a great week!


When Life Throws you Lemons, You…

Make lemonades, of course!

I love lemonades, but best of all, I love lemon water!


Ever since I got really sick several years ago, I turned to water as my tonic. I rarely drink soda and juice now. Only when I succumb to the crave. Every where I go, I always bring a bottle of water with me. For those who know me, clinging a bottle with me is a familiar sight. That’s how water-holic we are, Josh and I. There’s even one time when Josh and I slept over at Jennifer‘s house and she tauntingly complained to us, telling us both that she’s going to ration our water the next time we visit her lest we drink up theirs for the week!

Obviously, drinking three liters of water, and sometimes more, is good for the body. The downside I experienced with drinking lots of it, though, is the taste gets weird sometimes — and yes, you have to make trips to the bathroom every so often. But back to the first one.

I think ‘bland’ is the best word to describe its taste. Thankfully, there’s lemon. That sweet, tangy, bright yellow citrus fruit that can freshen the air with its mild, lemony scent, clean hard-to-remove stains and detoxify the body with its anti-oxidant properties. Whenever I feel like I need to drink something else, I just buy lemons and make lemon water.

Up until recently, I learned that apart from giving water a sweet, citrus-y taste, putting a slice of lemon on a glass of water and drinking it on a daily basis has many health benefits. What’s more? It can also improve hormonal imbalance (now, where did I read that? I’m sure I read it somewhere). My interest was totally piqued! I started drinking lemon water first thing in the morning and I did notice some differences on how my body functions. I have more energy now than ever, and I don’t have to worry much about constipation, which means I’m sold and I’m going to make it a habit from now on.

Sounds easy to do, however. You see, lemons aren’t like bananas here, wherein you can buy a kilo for a dirt cheap price. The cheapest I know is Php 150.00 per kilo but the lemons are close to rotting at that. Plus, I don’t think I can go on slicing lemons every morning when there are other stuff I have to do as soon as I get up. So I did some research on the web and discovered that one way to save me time from slicing lemon every morning and to help me save ka-ching is to make lemon cubes! Now why didn’t I think of that? What made me more ecstatic about the discovery is that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do it.

Here are the things you’ll need and how to make them yourself:
4 lemons
Ice cube box
Water (optional)
 1. Slice the lemons in halves.
2. Using a juicer, squeeze the lemons
to get the juice out.
3. Dilute the juice with water. This is optional, however. I like my mine to be less concentrated so that there will be just a hint of the citrus-y taste in my water.
4. Grab your ice cube box and pour the liquid into it.  Let it freeze.
I let mine freeze overnight because I want them to be really frozen so that they won’t stick once I put them in a freezer bag. Oh yeah, how you store them is entirely up to you. I put mine in a freezer bag to save space, but you’re welcome to leave them on the tray if you want.
And that’s it! So easy, right? With this, I’ll just get a cube and drop them on a glass of warm water and let it thaw. Then, I’ll have lemon water in an instant. You can, too, by following the  easy-peasy instruction.


Here’s to health and wellness! Cheers!