A Two-Year-Old Treasure

So, I just got to share these.

I was cleaning and organising my music files in the computer when I stumbled upon a video that I forgot to share on Facebook a couple of years ago or so. It’s a dance presentation performed by some of the Relief Society sisters in our ward, including me, unofficially called the Apas Saints Cheer Squad.

Yup, you guessed it. The presentation was for our ward priesthood quorum basketball league opening night. Enough said. Just watch this video.

I thought I’d post this video because I’m pretty sure my fellow sisters would want to watch this. It wasn’t a world class performance, but we all had fun. Right, sisters? Plus, it’s one of the few videos that I get to hear mom’s voice again. She was our biggest fan.

Of course, a video won’t be complete without pictures. I know it’s a bit late, but maybe the Apas Saints would want to see this pictures. Enjoy guys!


The sports commissioner and the team muse.


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