Thank God for Friends! (Part 1)

The aftermath of a sumptuous meal.  ^-^

Radissons Blue hotel Lobby

“To be with old friends is very warming and comforting.” ~ Ian Zeiring

That’s what I felt when, after a long time, Charo, Ann and I got together again after, I think, five years or so. This time, we met again with our hubbies.

For a bit of history, the three of us met at the MTC — not the training center LDS peeps know so well. It’s a medical transcription training center where we studied five years ago for six months. I don’t really recall how we started hanging out. All I know is that they’re good people, they’re fun to be with, and we shared the same frustrations when we transcribed medical reports from doctors who had heavy accents. They’re really good friends, in short. And that’s why they were short listed on my wedding guest list. Ha!

I was fresh from my mission at that time, but I’ve learned a lot from them. They’re not LDS, but their deeds are more Mormon-ish than most of the people I know at church.

Our reunion was, indeed, a happy one. We’ve finally met Ann’s husband for the first time after hearing so many wonderful stories about him through her. We also met Charo’s mystery man, who I think, is making her happy too. Both of my girl friends looked great. They never seem to have aged as well. Charo looks blooming since the last time I saw her. Although she has two kids now, you could never tell she’s a mom. She’s got her hands full on a lot of things, like her hubby, her business and her kids. I wonder how she did it. Charo dear, it’s time to spill your secret. Hehehe…
Ann looked great too. She still dons the long hair I envied back in the days. She told us her hair care secret one time. I tried it, but I can never manage my hair. It’s like it has a mind of its own that frizzes all over the place. Hahaha! She gained weight since she moved to the US, but she looked healthy and happy as well.
Neither of us ended up as medical transcriptionists. After we got our certificates, we went our separate ways. Charo and I went on to work in our separate industries, and Ann went to the US. We just keep in touch through Facebook until we finally got together last week.

We had dinner at the the Feria at Radisson Blu hotel. Although it wasn’t my first time at the hotel, it was my first to dine at the well-known restaurant. They serve all-you-can-eat buffet with a wide variety of food. We kept saying, “There’s so many food!” There are so much of it that I only ended up eating just a few. They also have a sushi bar with all kinds of makis and sashimis to choose from. I tell you, my stomach wasn’t prepared for it. So just a tip: if you plan to dine there, don’t pass by their dessert corner without tasting their creamy mango ice cream. So heavenly! Mmm-mmm…


It’s a nice feeling to reconnect with old friends. It makes you feel that you’re not alone in this world. Even if you’ve gone on to separate paths in the road called life, you have this assurance that somewhere, you’ll come across a junction or corner where you’ll meet again.

Friends. They’re some of the things that I’m grateful for.


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