Can be good. That’s what I always tell myself. So even if making changes in my life can be a little scary, I look  forward to breaking routine or doing something spontaneous.


Anyway, much has changed since my last post and I don’t know where to start.


Oh, what the heck. Here are some things that have changed (prepare to droop because this is going to be a long one):


1. I started a new blog called Drea Drazz. It’s going to be my creative outlet, which means you’ll see more of modest fashion, arts and crafts, sewing and designing in that blog. . This is where you’ll see my jewelry design creations. I hope to create a store out of it. I hope to see you there.  The N.Y. Diaries, on the other hand, will now be just a personal blog to keep friends and family from the around the globe updated. 

I’ve said good bye on The N.Y Diaries blog. You can check out my personal blog at Jazz and Sass where you’ll read about my travels, kitchen experiments, gastronomic adventures and reviews on books.

2. I quit my job. Yes, that’s right! Last Friday, I packed all my stuff and went home never to return to the office… . Well, I’m still going back there to get my employment certificate and last moolah. But, yes, I did it. Many have wondered why the sudden resignation, but I knew it was coming sooner or later. Since my mom passed away, I have been juggling my responsibilities at work and at home until it got to the point where enough was enough.


It wasn’t an easy decision to make because landing that job was an answered prayer. It was a blessing that came at a time when hubs and I needed a new source of income, so I felt ungrateful to quit. But after much prayer and a heart-to-heart conversation with Josh, I finally got the answer. It was hard to accept at first because I like my job and I have great colleagues to work with but it was time to make a change. It was time for me to move forward.

Another factor on my quitting was I need time to pursue other interest. I’ve been meaning to re-open my handcraft jewelry business but working 50 hours a week is making it impossible for me to sit down and design bracelets and earrings. I need more time.


I found it harder to leave on my last day because my team gave me a simple farewell gift in the form of short messages from each writer and manager. Although it’s a team tradition, I didn’t expect that they would do the same on my departure because I’m just a quiet, lowly writer who kept to herself in her tiny corner of a desk. I was touched when they gave me this:


 Trust me. I don’t look like that and I don’t dress like that in person. It’s cute, though. ^_^

Our cool manager also gave me a brief time to say my farewells to everyone. Apart from the notes, Justin, my friend, also forwarded a message written by my editor-slash-group leader. I just got to post it here:


__________ A FAREWELL __________

(music) Ibon man may layang lumipad, kulungin mo ay umiiyak (music), my 
great, grand tita once sang.

Once more, a valued member of the Green Goat is about to spread her 
wings and fly off to freedom. But before she does, let's take a moment 
to appreciate her contributions as one of the integral members of both 
the GG Organisation and the Content Dev dep't.

(*) Perseverance (*)

For the length of her tenure, Dara has always persisted in what she does 
and has been a good example of consistency to both the young and old 
(think) members of the team. Her unwavering efforts served as a proof 
and inspiration that anyone can excel quality- and quantity-wise.

Like this dog who seems to excel in catching "goals" 

(*) Audacity (*)

Despite her exercising a degree of reservation in the way she deals with 
people, Dara has always shown courage to speak her mind on matter that 
really mean to her. She's certainly one fine example on the idea that 
just because someone is silent doesn't mean that nothing brilliant is 
brewing underneath.

As the saying goes: "silent water runs silent, err, deep" (chuckle)

(*) Style (*)

Who says you can't look awesome just because you're working a day job 
that requires you to wear a uniform? Dara certainly showed everyone that 
you can look good whenever you want to. Indeed, the Green Goats will be 
losing one of its most stylish member.

To put it simply: Dara certainly isn't someone bound by the norms... 
like this guy (

Though there has been instances when this Green Goat fell short on her 
goals (, she always rose above the obstacles 
and has proven her value many times over every time.

For being an inspiration and a beacon of persistence, allow us here at 
GG to thank you (bow) (clap)

We wish you luck in your future endeavours, Dar.. but before that... 
... cheers! (d) (beer) (d)" 
 Be sure to click on the links. They’re funny GIFs which happen to be a trade secret. Sadly, I couldn’t get him to ‘fess up on where he got those.


The awesome content development team


Working for the S— has been an awesome journey for me. Although I have experienced some negative things, the good stuff far outweighs the bad. So, guys, if you’re reading this: Thank you for making my journey with you worthwhile.


3. I’m now offering web design services. The last time a designed a website was in 2002. In college. I forgot how much I enjoyed it until we had a blog design contest at work. I realized then that I didn’t want to just write but also design.


I’m currently working on my first project, but if you need help in designing a website or re-do your existing website, let  me know. I’d be happy to discuss with you your website needs.


4. I got a pixie ‘do. What do you think?



 The hubs sure love to photobomb.


The first time I had a haircut this short was in my freshman year at uni. This is my second time and I’m loving it. Thankfully, hubs didn’t mind. In fact, he was the one who suggested we buy hair wax since we’ll both be using it. He also taught me how to apply it since I normally use mousse and hairspray.


5. I’m re-opening my handcraft jewelry business. We started our first one when we moved to Palawan. Because we couldn’t find reliable suppliers here in Cebu City when we moved here, we decided to take a respite. Three years later, I suddenly felt the itch to make something again so voila! I will re-open my business. This time, though, I’ll be introducing a new line of handcraft pieces that are fun, quirky, cute and affordable. Here’s a sample of my work. This slave bracelet is already sold, by the way.


Watch out for the official launching. ^_^
That’s about it. Some of the changes that have happened since my last post. Whew!
Have a great week!



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