Food Trip at Lemon Tree Fusion Restaurant

This post is long overdue, but I just got to share this new restaurant that hubs and I are loving as of the moment. Last month, June 18th to be exact, was our wedding anniversary. And as most couples do, we just had to celebrate it.

Josh took me to this new restaurant, called Lemon Tree Fusion, across the street from our village. I’ve been dying to go there since they opened, and I’m thrilled that the hubs didn’t question my choice of restaurant. Being the accountant that he is, he tend to be very, shall we say, careful with our expenses. Thankfully, he was okay with it.

And we never regretted it.

Every single dime we spent were totally worth it. We even went back there a second time to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday two weeks later because we love the food.

The restaurant is a fusion of Asian, Italian and Mexican cuisine, which is really delicious. We later learned that the chefs they hired were from the best restaurants in the city. No wonder they food tastes great and mouth-watering.

Besides the food, I also love the ambiance. The interior design is simple and no-fuss, which I really liked. The tables are arranged in such a way that diners are given enough privacy. It’s less cramped than Casa Verde. The lighting is less straining to the eyes, too. I wouldn’t really say the indoor dining area is romantic, but there is soft music playing in the background so it’s okay. It helps drown the conversion so you don’t get to be heard by eavesdroppers, but not too loud that you have to raise your voice to talk. But that’s not all. They also have an al fresco dining area at the back with purple lighting.

The price range is quite reasonable. It ranges from P100 to P500, but if you look at the portions, you’d say it’s actually cheap. Josh and I ordered olive pasta and seafood pizza on our anniversary dinner and we were stuffed. So yes, it’s really reasonable.

Here are some pictures from the two dinners we had at the place. Enjoy! By the way, the Pane pasta is creamy and superb, so you might want to try it. It’s delish!

The hand-made menu is just interestingly unique.



I nice way to relax our tired feet.



It would be really nice if my office chair is like this.


One happy husband ^_^.


Complimentary appetizer









Pane Pasta




Me and Glacey (the restaurant’s manager)

We were fortunate enough to meet my close friend from high school here. She happens to be the manager, and I must say she really did a good job. I was really happy to see her after a long time. And she works really close to my house. Lol! I guess hubs and I have more reason to dine here again.

The restaurant is located at Salinas Drive, Lahug. It’s beside tree shade spa. And just a tip. Be sure to reserve a table as that’s what they would recommend. Also, if you walk in, don’t find a table immediately. Instead, check out their three dining areas first before deciding on where you want to seat. That’s what my friend said. They want their patrons to choose where they want to sit.


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