A Butterfly Necklace for a Darling Niece

Yesterday was Hallie’s birthday. She turned 3, by the way. And as a gift for a toddler who’s more kikay than I am, I thought I’d give her something that’ll suit her girly-girl personality: a wired necklace and a bottle of nail polish.

It took me an hour to make this choker-style butterfly necklace because I had to solder the jump rings so they wouldn’t fall off. Knowing that my niece can be pretty rambunctious at times, I had to make sure they stay on the neck. I used a 14-inch suede material for the necklace. On an adult, it fall just a slightly above the clavicle area. On a toddler like her, it falls just right.

I wanted to take a picture of her wearing it, but then she was running wild last night. So I guess these pictures will have to do.




Butterfly necklace. Available at Drea Drazz Handmade Jewelry.
The second gift I gave her was a bottle of toxic-free nail polish from Girlstuff Forever. Now I know she’s way young to do that, but I noticed that whenever her mom paints her nails, she would follow suit. Heck, she even asked me to apply eye shadow and lipstick on her one time.
Of course, considering that nail polish can be very toxic, I wanted to give her something that’s safe to wear. I couldn’t find Hopscotch Kids here in the city, which is a brand of water-based nail polish, so I opted for something else. Scotch was a better alternative but it was waaaay beyond my budget. Plus, their store is in another neighboring city. Thankfully I found Girlstuff Forever so I went to the mall to purchase one.
What I like about their products is they don’t use harsh chemicals, making their bottles of nail polish safe for girls of all ages. What I don’t like, however, is the smell. Also, they don’t have many colors to choose from. Hopefully, they’ll open a kiosk here this year (from what their customer rep. told me). Nevertheless, Hallie liked it. She had her nails done as soon as she unwrapped her present. See?


The colors looked gorgeous on her tiny hands. And she looked even more adorable when she put her hands up to blow them dry.
Anyway, that’s about it. You can find my butterfly necklace on my Facebook page. So if you want to order, just head over to Facebook.
Happy Birthday, Hallie!



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