Drea Drazz Goes to Tomo Cafe’s Sunday Bazaar

Hi Guy, so I’ve been invited to Tomo Cafe’s first ever Sunday Bazaar. It’s going to be this Sunday, September 28th, at their cafe, so if you want to check  out my new designs as well as other products, be sure to be there.
I’m excited to be participating in such even because I’ve never been in one before. It sounds intimidating as some of the local bloggers I follow will be there, but I’m sure I can do this.
I hope you’ll support me and other participants in the event.
See you there!!!



Weekend Getaway at Estaca Bay Gardens Beach Resort










After a month of being away, hubs is finally back. And as what he promised me, he whisked me away on a weekend vacation. Since our trip to Boracay last year, we haven’t gone on a summer vacation. So I’ve been dying to go to the beach since last March. Well, after months of postponing, we’ve finally pushed through with it.

Our initial plan was to head to Moalboal, a popular beach destination in the South of Cebu, but the weather wasn’t on our side, thanks to (or no thanks to) an LPA. So instead, we spent Friday night at a hotel near SM City, Express Inn. We chose a budget hotel over the fancy ones because it’s right where most jeepneys going to Mactan or the North of Cebu pass by.

The next day, hoping to get the most our trip and our money, we opted to head north, Compostela. Because we’ve been to most beach resorts in Mactan Island and we we’re looking for something different, we opted to stay at the Estaca Bay Garden Beach Resort. It’s formerly known as Stakili beach resort back in the late ’80s or ’90s.

So far, our experience was pleasant. We loved that they had 2 pools and a beach. The staff was friendly as well. The food is okay. I wouldn’t really call it gourmet, but it’s okay to our taste. We had our dinner at their mini grill bar, which was situated by the beach, with music. Apart from the food, we enjoyed people watching. hehe…

Because the resort is kinda old by modern resort standards, we were surprised to find the resort booked the whole weekend. There were even foreigners staying at the resort. Nevertheless, we had a great time swimming, watching movies and eating–but mostly eating junk food.

So anyway, that has been our weekend getaway. We had a great time. Hopefully, we’ll do it again the next time he travels. heheh