Trip to Cagayan de Oro and Back (Part 1)

When your hubby is away for a month or so on a work assignment, what do you do?

a. Do you mope around waiting for him to come home?
b. Do you plan activities with your BFFs almost every night?
c. Do you use your credit card to buy out-of-budget travel tickets just to see him?

If you ask me, I just chose letter C. Simply because I miss hubs. Now, his being away wasn’t the first one. He was gone to General Santos City in August but didn’t have the chance. This time, however, was different. With a long weekend last month, I just couldn’t pass up the chance to fly and see him and check out Cagayan de Oro City at the same.


Although I wasn’t feeling very well during the trip, it was worth it. Plus, I felt a lot better after the trip. It was really good to see him and my BFF who moved there way back. Sadly, as most trips must come to an end, I had to fly back home after  a three-day stay.

My very good friend, Reasol. My partner in crime since I was 8 or 9 years old. Yeeez, we go waaay back.

wefie at a chapel just to prove to my bishop I’m not totally inactive. Ha!

wefie before going off to see a Denzel Washington movie.

Not the kwek-kwek I was expecting. Epic fail. Craving unsatisfied.

In case you’re curious, hubs and I just spent our days eating and sight seeing. I must admit, though, that there wasn’t much to see in the city. You’ll have to travel to the city’s outskirts if you’re looking for adventure. My adventure is where the hubs was so no exciting photos of beaches and mountains and stuff. Sorry.


In case you’re interested, traveling to Cagayan de Oro City is fairly easy. Just book a flight to Languidingan Airport from Mactan International Airport. Once there, take a v-hire or bus to Cagayan de Oro. Travel time is an hour and a half, depending on traffic and the destination you’re going to. V-hire costs P200.00. Once in the city, public transportation consists of jeepneys, taxis, and relas (their own version of tricycle). But if you want to explore the city, go on foot. That’s what we did. It’s a small city so places are not really that far to go.


The last time I went to Mindanao was when I went to Davao to serve a full-time mission. I was able to set foot in the region after seven long years and it feels great even though CDO City is not my mission area. For some reason, Mindanao and its people will always have a special place in my heart.


And that’s about it. I have to go because, as of this writing, my brother just invited me to have dinner at my other brother’s home. I shouldn’t miss family bonding time, should I? 🙂



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