Trip to Cagayan de Oro City (Part 2)

A few weeks, I had the opportunity to visit and spend my birthday with the hubs. Ever since we started dating, we make sure to spend birthdays together. But because Josh’s work assignment took him away on my  birthday, I sailed to CDO City to see him even though it was just for the weekend.
But it was a well-spent weekend.
Josh prepared a simple lunch for his office mates. No spaghetti was served, as is birthday custom here, but the pancit was really tasty.
I asked my dear friend, Reasol, to join us for lunch but she was working that time. So we paid her a surprise visit.
And she was kind enough to treat us with Razon’s special palabok.

Oh yeah, we had to have cake together because it’s been a long time since I celebrated my birthday with friends.

Ha! I find it funny to take a picture with the cake. 😛
After a many chikkas with her, Josh and I went back to his office. And because it was a beautiful sunny afternoon, we just walked back.

I used to think that CDO City is big city just like Davao, but I was amazed at how we can get to one place from another just by walking. We just crossed the bridge and we’re no longer in the city center.

Carmen Bridge (I presume)


A river with no name. Just because I don’t know. 😀
We went to church the next day. And I had to make sure that we attend sacrament service at the chapel where the CDO mission office is held. And of course, I had to take a picture of this hoping my brother, who once served here, will remember the good things he did while here.
And to own bragging rights to the sibling who traveled the most to the other sibling’s mission area. Hahaha!



It was a short visit but it was worth every centavo spent for the trip. I miss hubs every minute that he’s not here but at least December is something to look forward to.
And it’s going to be in a different city. The travel bug in me is definitely on fire.
“Hello, Cebu!” I said with a heavy heart after a weekend with hubs. 🙂 sigh.



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