Tatak Plaza (Gingoog City Part 3)








When you’re in a sleepy little city on a gloomy Sunday afternoon with a motorcycle at your disposable, you go mini city tour. And tour we did.

We slept in pretty late that Sunday because it was cold and it was our first weekend together for a long while so we made sure to cuddle and spoon for a little while.

But after several hours of cuddling, our tummies couldn’t handle the pressure anymore. We just had to go out and grab some lunch.

Afterwards, we went to Tatak Plaza where you can see giant statues. I heard it’s a popular destination for local teens to hang out at night, but we just had to head over there during the day because, well, who would want a photo bomber in your photos, right?

Tatak Plaza can be found just across Rizal Park, which I will be posting pictures mighty soon. For now, this will have to do. It’s a neat place because besides the statues, there also stores at the sides. We even did a little shopping. So pardon my bulky bag.

We had to cut our mini tour short because it started to drizzle that time and we just didn’t want to get wet. Little did we know that the rainy weather was due to a tropic storm headed to our direction. Thank goodness there were no casualties or major damages.

Up next, Rizal Park and many more. 🙂


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