Road Trip to Maasin City but Ended Up Somewhere Else



















Baybayon Restaurant




A surprise when we opened one of the drawers in our room.
We spent half of the afternoon wondering if the owner is LDS (Mormon) or not.


A happy camper!!!
To infinity and beyond!!!
Since Josh took a job as an accountant for one of the largest corporations here in the city, we made a point that wherever he goes, I go. So when he was assigned to Sogod, Southern Leyte last month I was ecstatic.
Not only is Southern Leyte synonymous to many fun childhood memories, it’s also a vacation paradise known to only a few.

Indeed, the region is peppered with lots of exciting places to go that are less touristy but worth the adventure.

Take for example, their beaches. Crystal clear water, rich marine flora and fauna, clean air, fresh seafood — these are just some of the things you get to enjoy in Southern Leyte. And not to mention great hospitality from the locals.

That’s why when Josh and I went on a road trip one weekend to Maasin City, we couldn’t resist stopping by at a beach resort in the middle of no where. We passed by Kuting Reef Resort en route to our destination and we decided to check the place out.

And boy oh boy. One tour of the resort was all it took for us to spend the night over. It was just the perfect place to relax and unwind for the weekend.

I think the pictures say it all. Hahaha!

Nestled in the town of Macrohon, Kuting Reef Resort and Spa is the perfect place to relax, dine, play and even celebrate. So if ever you find yourself discovering Southern Leyte, you might want to check it out. Here’s an image of their brochure as of March 2015.

If you want to print or download the brochure, just click here.
Have a fun summer!

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