Satisfying Cravings at Pancake House

Big fan of peanut butter and chocolate? 


Then you’ll love Pancake House’s newest addition to their menu: the Reese’s peanut butter pancakes.


Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to be invited at the family restaurant’s launching of their newest addition to their menu, the peanut butter pancakes.
It was an intimate gathering with fellow bloggers to sample their new pancake flavor. And boy did I make the right decision to come.
I ordered two pancakes topped with a medium-sized Reese’s peanut butter cups with a spoonful of creamy butter and sliced bananas. But the icing on the cake, or rather pancakes, was the melted peanut butter and chocolate filling in the second pancake.
At first, I thought they’ll just top the pancakes with chunks of peanut butter chocolate cups, but no. The actual serving was better than what I expected.
And the taste? It was absolutely delish.
It wasn’t disgustingly sweet, but not too bland as well. It was just right for my taste. And I must say the pancakes pair well with bananas. I think they helped balance the flavor so you can really enjoy the meal without feeling guilty that you had too much sweets in one meal. Haha.

Surprisingly, when I was down to my last bite, I was already full. Normally, two pieces of pancakes are not enough. I’d have to eat, like, three to five pieces before I can feel full in the tummy. But on this occasion, I’m glad I ordered only two. Otherwise, I would have a hard time finishing my share.

As a matter of fact, I was completely satiated with my meal that I even went with the rest of my afternoon without snacking while doing my errands. And mind you, it was a hot day, and I had to jump from one city and back. And didn’t stop for a break. At all. 

So, if you want grab a bite of this mouth-watering meal, head over to Pancake House. It’s available in all their branches. See you there!


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