5 Reasons I don’t Mind Moving to Iloilo City

June is a special month for Josh and I.

It’s the month when we tied the knot.

Yes, I’m a June bride. ūüėÄ

Anyway, this month, we celebrated our 5th year anniversary.

Yes, we’re five years strong, and getting stronger, and might I add, crazier. hahaha!

And what better way to celebrate than to experience something new.

So two weeks ago, I flew to Iloilo City where hubs is currently assigned. Although, he’s there for work, being there is something new for both of us (so that counts).

Anyway, I had a great time during my four-day holiday. We didn’t do anything ultra special. We just did some touring around the city while shopping on the side (yes, unbelievably, I find the prices cheaper there than here).

My overall impression?

If ever we’re migrating to some place and it wouldn’t be Davao City, then it’ll probably Iloilo City. Yup, that’s how I like the city. Although, the four-day trip isn’t enough to get to know a place that well, there are several factors that I like about the city.

1. They have great food. 

At affordable prices. We went to have lunch at a small bakery, called JD Bakeshop, that also serve delicious meals. We thought it would cost us more than Php300.00, but we paid less than that. Plus, I love their pastries. We tried their Brazo de Mercedes and it was the best I’ve tasted.

Then come the famous batchoy. Best one I’ve tasted so far.
And did I mention affordable already?
Josh took me out to dine at the top of Injap Tower, and besides the view and the date, the food is delish!

2. They have a rich history.

If Archaeology was available here in Cebu City, I would’ve taken it in college and become an archaeologist. And I would’ve been traveling, digging and unearthing historical treasures instead of blogging.

Yes, that’s how fascinated I am with history.

So when I got here, my heart swooned with how the city is peppered with old architectural structures, like the Molo Church and the Jaro bell tower.

They’re just so beautiful to look at. I bet they would really look lovelier if the sun was out at the time I took these pictures.

Lost in my own wanderings while Josh was at work, I couldn’t help but wonder what it must’ve felt like living in the era when these structures were built.
My guess is it wouldn’t probably be as romantic as I would like to think, what with no plumbing and being under Spain’s colonial reign, but I bet these structures looked magnificent without the decay. Also, the parks would probably look lush with greenery, and the air clean and fresh.
3. They have a cool esplanade.
It would be nice if we something like this here in Cebu. With a safe walkway like this, I guess people would opt to walk or ride their bike more often than taking the jeep.
Speaking of which, the fourth reason I like Iloilo is …
4. They have wide highway with bricked pedestrian and bike lanes. 
If we have bike lanes here, I’ll probably lose the belly fat in three months’ time or earlier than that. Haha!
5. They’re urbanized with a relaxed¬†ambiance.
Although it’s a bustling city, it’s not quite there yet. People here are less anal-retentive than most folks in large urban jungles.
So there.

Getting to and from Iloilo City from Cebu is easy as it’s pretty accessible. The easiest, of course, is by plane. The next would be by boat. It has a 12-hour travel time through either Cokaliong Shipping lines or TransAsia. The hardest would be by bus as you’d have to travel via Bacolod. From there, you’d have to hop on a ferry to Iloilo City.

Regardless of the mode of transport you choose, though, going to Iloilo City is well worth the time, effort and money.

Go see it for yourself. ūüėÄ


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