Discovering Molo Mansion

When you work hard, you play hard. But there are also weekends when you just want to take it easy, you know.

And this day is just one of them.

So while my SO is out treasure hunting in Guimaras Island (how I wish it’s true), I decided to do some urban exploration on my own in Iloilo City.

And found myself in the Molo Mansion.

IMG_20150919_125425 IMG_20150919_125512
IMG_20150919_125631 IMG_20150919_130603
IMG_20150919_131128 IMG_20150919_130728
IMG_20150919_130942 IMG_20150919_130714
IMG_20150919_132329 - ori IMG_20150919_131908

I’m a sucker for all things oldies but goodies so this visit was a refreshing one  after a very hectic week.

However, I was slightly disappointed when I went inside. I was expecting to find lots of old artifacts dating from colonial times but there was none. Instead, what I saw were vintage-inspired furnishings from different furniture shops. There were native decorations sold by Kultura as well as special delicacies, such as biscochos, sold by various vendors.

Overall, though, I find the visit a pleasant one. I enjoyed touring around the interior, imagining what it was like living in the old house back in its hey day. After a tour, I went to a small stall in its wide backyard to cool myself with a cup of mangosteen lemonade.

As of now, entrance to the mansion is free. I hope that stays that way. To check out the place, just head over Molo proper. The mansion is just across Molo park. You can’t miss it.


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