Happy Sweet 2016!

Happy 2016

Happy sweet 2016, you guys!

And I’m finally back to the blogging world.

The last weeks of 2015 have been a pretty hectic one, what with our holiday trip and all. The hubs and I went to Manila to spend the holidays with his family, as we haven’t seem them in AGES (two years to be exact), so we had busy days catching up with his fambam. Not to mention that there was a wedding, shopping trip, mini reunion, family portrait taking and an Oceanarium adventure in between.

Of course, there were days when we just stayed in our cave we call home, which gave me plenty of opportunities to blog, but not doing anything except lazing up on the couch and binge eating on chocolates while watching TV dramas seemed very appealing. Haha!

So anyway, I have a book review  post lined up already so watch out for it. I’ll also be blogging about our mini holiday adventure. Expect to see lots of vacation pictures. Or maybe not. We’ll see. I’m still hungover from our trip. I wonder when I’ll get over this feeling.

Anyway, how was your Christmas and New Year holidays? I hope you had fun as much as I did.




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