Books Instead of Toys in McDonald’s Happy Meals


50 Million books by 2016 by McDonald's

So I was scrolling down on Facebook for something interesting to curb my short attention span before I get to work, and I stumbled upon an article announcing that McDonald’s will be serving on the children’s books with their Happy Meals instead of the usual toys.

I thought, cool!

Finally, someone thought about it.

I mean I’m not against the idea of giving free toys along with a meal. It’s just that books can be expensive for some people, especially children’s books. I don’t know why a tiny book with only a few pages can cost more than Php 300. It’s crazy! Anyway, I’m sure any parent will appreciate that someone else, let alone a popular fast-food chain, is encouraging their kids to read instead of spending copious amount of time playing video games and whatnot.

Besides, wouldn’t be cool if kids these days read more?  I think society will be in a better place if people read more, especially during their free time. My mom used to tell me that idle hands are the devil’s workshop. She’d tell me that people who are bored usually resort to doing illegal stuff, like doing drugs or do petty crimes for the fun of it. That’s why we grew up with volumes of encyclopedias lying around the house and shelves filled with books.

Anyway, what McDonald’s is doing is really cool. I think they’re doing a really huge favor to their customers instead of the other way around.

How I wish McDonald’s Philippines will do the same thing here. I may not have kids, but I’ll probably drag may nephews and niece to the nearest restaurant for a bite. Seriously, they need to know how reading books can be enjoyable. 😀

So to all my friends who are in the US right now, don’t miss out on this. Grab a meal for your kids, nephews, nieces, friends’ kids, neighbors’ kids, or for yourself. The fast-food chain is running this campaign only until February 15th.

For more details about this awesome promo, check our McDonald’s newsroom.




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