90s-Music Surprise Wedding Dance Number

As you know, my brother got married last month. Being the youngest, and because we want to make special events like this extra memorable, my other siblings and I were talked in to doing a surprise number for the bride.

The mastermind? My younger bro, of course! He wanted to surprise his lovely bride and wanted to do something different for their first dance, so he came up with the idea of dancing along three popular songs back in the ’90s (which also happens to be their wedding theme).

And we did. The choreographer is my other brother, which you’ll probably guess just by watching the video. In case you’re wondering, it only took us two hours or less to practice the entire dance routines on a Saturday, with only 20% practice and 80% chitchat. Haha! Regardless, we really had fun, and the bride didn’t see it coming. 😀

You can check out this video on YouTube. Don’t forget to share if you enjoyed them. And let us know what you think? Especially in how we can improve our performance for the future. After all, I still have two more single brothers. Hahaha!



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