Book Review: Moonlight (Crowns of the Twelve #2)

Moonlight book cover


Review Rate: Five Open Books

5 open books
Author: Ann Hunter
Genre: Fantasy / Retellings
Published: March 3, 2014 by Afterglow Productions
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Disclosure:  I just thought I’d let you know that I received this book  for free from the publisher to give my honest review. I’m not paid to do this review. All my opinions are of my own are not influenced in any way from the author and publisher. 


One vow. One curse. One thousand moons. While Princess Aowyn’s six brothers are favored by their father, Aowyn is the jewel in her mother’s crown. When the Queen dies, Aowyn takes a vow to protect her brothers and father from the hungry eyes of the queen’s handmaiden, Ciatlllait – who is more than she seems. In order to save her family, Aowyn risks a dangerous deal with the dark creature Sylas Mortas. But magic comes with a price: and Aowyn soon realizes the one she has paid is too steep. Only true love can reverse the spell…but it will take one thousand moons.

Set in a Celtic world, “Moonlight” is the story of faith and true love woven through a breathtaking retelling of the classic folktale “The Swan Princess”


Truth be told. After reading The Subtle BeautyI didn’t expect much from this book. I thought Moonlight will just be like The Subtle Beauty: cheesy and lacking in emotional connection.

But boy oh boy was I surprised. Not only did I enjoy the story, it also made me cry, which seldom happens when I ready fairy tales. Anyway, on to my review.

Moonlight is a re-telling of one of the most popular childhood fairy tales, The Swan Princess. But instead of reading Odette’s story and how she became a swan, the author, Anne Hunter, gave it a different twist. A really interesting twist at that.

It tells the story of a young Celtic princess, Aowyn, and her seven brothers and her struggles to defeat her evil stepmother who poisoned his father. It also tells the love story of Aowyn and Xander, Eoghan’s father in The Subtle Beauty.

What really impressed me the most is Aowyn’s character. Even though she’s a princess of a prosperous kingdom, she was humble, self-less and strong.  She wasn’t also naive. She felt something different in one of her mother’s maid and she made sure to keep an eye on her. If it weren’t for her, her family would’ve perished without a fight.

Another characteristic that I love about Aowyn is her integrity. She stuck to her promise with the devil even if it meant losing the person she loved. Her brothers didn’t disappoint as well. Although at the beginning, most of them were proud and self-absorbed, they saw their sister’s sacrifices throughout the years and made sure to be their for her when she needed the most.

Xander’s character was also different from what he was in The Subtle Beauty.  In Moonlight, he was kind, caring and humble. It was easy for him to abandon ship when the going got tough for him and his army, but he stayed and tried his best to finish the mission he was sent out to.

As most fairy tales promise, the ending of Moonlight demonstrated that love conquers all.  It definitely has a happy ending  that you could truly savor, which is the perfect anti-climax after a stormy beginning and a tumultuous middle.

You’ll find that Moonlight isn’t just about a love story of star-crossed lovers, but it’s also a tale about family, duty, honor, integrity and righteous sacrifice. For me, I find them to be the right ingredients of what fairy tales should teach us.

Favorite Quotes: 

“Fear departs when faith endures.” ~ Naomi W. Randall

Find something in life worth fighting for.

Be more than one thing. Be. More.

Get a copy: amazon buy the book from The Book Depository, free delivery


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