Little Black Books (Ratings)

Instead of the usual star ratings, I thought I’d change it up a bit. I give you my little black books for the review. The number of open books depends on how much I enjoyed the book and how willing I am to recommend it to friends.

Check out the rating below for the interpretations:

5 open books

5 open books – Awesome!

This means the story line, the characters and the style of writing is just perfect. There was no confusion or errors. The climax and anti-climax were at the right places. The characters were lovable and unforgettable. In short, it’ll leave me wanting for more.  It’s highly recommended.

4 open books the girl in the steel corset

4 open books – Almost perfect.

This means the book is almost there but not quite in terms of story line, character building, writing style. Still, it’s worth the read. Bottom line, I’d still recommend it.

3 open books

3 open books – Run-of-the-mill

For this rating, it means the book is not so bad but no so good either. You know, so-so. For a book to fall in to this category, it would mean that a lot could be done to make the story or character better. It’s still an interesting read but won’t have that much long-term impact on me. In short, I’ll forget about it after a day or two.

2 open books

2 open books – Above poor

Other than finding the book to be poorly written, the story is sublime to ridiculous. With this rating, the book has still managed to read it from start to finish but will have me wishing it’ll end sooner most of the time.

one open book

1 open book – Poor

The good news I’d still finish the book no matter how bad the plot is or how poorly it was written. However, I wouldn’t recommend it.